United Peace Organization (UPO) is a national nongovernmental organization (NGO), which is registered with the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in Sudan.  It is a humanitarian, non profit, non-religious and none political organization. UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission is addressing the most pressing needs and challenges facing communities in Sudan, then the region.
  • Advocating for peace and development in the country, then the region.
  • Building sustainable institutions that continuously provide services.
  • Build strong networks with regional and internationals forum and donors and create a affiliations and alliance with other similar initiative

Our Values

  • Purely humanitarian and respecting all humanitarian policies
  • Committed on our mission and vision
  • Quality and efficiency
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Committed to meet donors ‘requirements

Our approach

We mitigate in situations of violence and conflicts between tribes and communities, war displaced populations, returnees, refugees, reintegration of ex-combatants and rebuild communities to have more peaceful atmospheres. We are also dedicated to make peace a practical option; providing local people humanitarian services peace building activities, education, community resilience programs which are all sustained by locally based committees and involvement of the community to create sustainability in long term constant impact In realities of war and conflicts women and children are the weakest, abused and most vulnerable part of the community ,we believe passionately in non-violence and gender equality strengthening the educational and economical self-reliance of Women which in our vision plays an important role in the procedure of a sustainable peace and a strong pilaster within the community.