UPO – VSFG Project in West Darfur – Gineina


In consortium with World Relief Sudan and VSF-Germany, United Peace Organization (UPO) is implementing a project designed to address food and nutrition insecurity in two priority localities of Gineina and Sirba in West Darfur. The project targets a total of 48,000 individuals including 27,000 IDPs, 4,200 returnees and 16,800 from the host communities.

The intervention aims at reaching vulnerable populations affected by destitution and displacement and reduced economic participation through combating the resulting malnutrition and food and livelihood insecurity. The project seeks to improve productive capacity and diversify access to livelihood opportunities with special focus on women, girls and female headed households.  

The main focus is FSL and Nutrition with the primary activities being provision of crop and vegetable seeds and training for agricultural communities. As well as goats restocking with training and supplementary feed to livestock keeping communities. Female empowerment and GBV prevention are also critical outcomes, so the project will also establish a multipurpose women’s center in Sirba and rehabilitate and existing center in Gineina. These are to provide a supportive environment for learning new skills, exchanging views and facilitate offering different forms of support and formation of 8 women’ IGA groups.

UPO will be involved in the agricultural components (goat restock and seed distribution), and the supplementary extension trainings relating to these two activities. Livestock restocking will be carried out to 250 households providing a total of 1,250 dairy goats with each house hold receiving 5 goats each (1 buck and 4 female goats). The households will also be provided with supplementary for 60 days. Goats will be distributed on a revolving system. In addiction to the restocking and feed beneficiaries will be provided with an extension training on goat husbandry, primary health care, and nutrition, as welll as linked to CAHWs for sustainable animal health services. Both activities are designed to increase and diversify household consumption and nitritional variety while providing excess to be sold to locally.

The project partnership will last 1 year with main activities running from July 2019 until Jan 2020 and the remainder for the period dedicated to follow up with beneficiaries for the greatest impact. The project cost is valued at around 50,000 and is funded by SHF as donor to the implementing consortium led by World Relief Sudan.