HR Manager


The incumbent is a senior country management team member, and thus he/she will actively and effectively contribute to the country office operation and strategic planning process.
The person will be the overall team leader responsible for the overall operation support services i.e. HR, Logistic, Administration, procurement, health and safety, security, IT, and provision of overall support to the country office as well as filed offices operation.

The competent will be responsible to ensure compliance to relevant donor and organisation internal policies and procedures, as well as developing and updating organizational manual and guidelines for Sudan operation.

The incumbent will ensure consistency & harmony in organization procedures and policies across field offices in Sudan, as well as build capacity of operation department staff and provide guidance and advice to management and programme team.
A) Human Resources Management
To assist the EX Director in identifying the HR implications of meeting organizational objectives.

  • To develop, implement and monitor HR strategies and initiatives to help to meet organisational objectives.
  • To ensure, through the management and support of the HR Officer, an efficient HR administration service, including the effective development and use of systems and HR database.
  • To keep up to date of developments in the field of HR best practice and Sudan labour law and advise on the implications for UPO.
  • To develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures in relation to all aspects of HR management: – employee resourcing (HR planning; recruitment and retention) employee relations (disciplinary and grievance; staff consultation and communication) – employee reward (pay and grading; terms and conditions) employee development (induction; staff development and training; performance management)
  • To assist managers in identifying and meeting staff training needs.
  • Responsible for effective management of the payroll and benefits administration systems, negotiating and liaising with the providers as required.
  • Responsible for participating in local salary surveys, analyzing reward data and updating our salary structure

B) Administration

  • Responsible for development, review and update of UPO administration policies, systems and procedures (i.e. filing system, guest house management, etc)
  • Provide leadership management, supervision, coaching and on-the-job training to subordinates to enable them perform their routine tasks smoothly,
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to operational policies, regulations of the organization, donors as well as to the laws of the country.
  • Develop / draw / Revise / Authorize and maintain property leases and other contractual agreements that protect the organizations rights and interests, in close consultation with the legal advisor and the CD.
  • Directly supervises the Administration Officer and provides team leadership to the department
  • Contribute to the overall improvement to organizational structure and work processes through organization evaluation and recommendations,
  • As member of the senior country management team the competent is expected to make senior contribution to the organization strategy and implementation.
  • Conduct regular visits to the field offices to ensure regular monitoring, supervision and coaching of staff on relevant operation support issues,
  • Supervise Admin Officer to properly coordinate and maintain good relations with relevant Government authorities (i.e. HAC, Labor office, different ministries, etc) for smooth release of visa’s, work permits, travel permits, TA, etc.
  • Coordinate with other INGOs/NGOs, UN and Government offices to share information on areas of common interest.
    Risk management
    – Monitor risk management policies and procedures to ensure that program and organizational risks are minimized.
    Advise the organization’s leadership on appropriate insurance coverage for the organization and the Board of Directors.
    Maximize income where possible and appropriate.
    Negotiate with Bank for lines of credit or other financial services as required and appropriate.

C) Logistics

  • Responsible to develop, review and update UPO logistics policies and procedures for Sudan operation.
  • To ensure transparent procurement procedure is followed across UPO international field offices in Sudan and office and tracks and records of procurement are maintained and up-to-date.
  • To ensure that UPO gets good deals which maintain highest possible levels of quality, quantity, timely delivery and best prices.
  • Responsible to develop a proper assets management system and it is implementation at all work places and sites of UPO in Sudan including their proper record keeping, insurance, upkeep and maintenance.
  • Responsible to ensure that market analysis is regularly conducted and reliable information is generated to help propose reputable service providers to be approved by office (i.e. service providers, suppliers, consultants, etc)
  • Ensures that quality controls checks were maintained in all procurements and relevant skilled persons were used to determine this.
  • Ensure that overall vehicle management and control is on progress and regular controls and crosschecks were maintained and regular reports are produced to management.
  • Directly supervises the Logistic officer and provides team leadership to the department.

For applying, please send an email to that contains CV and Cover letter, by the 7th of October 2022.

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