Visitation to El-Geneina

  • UPO met with Ali Moumen, the Project Manager and
    Area Coordinator of VSF Germany Al Geneina. VSF is
    one of UPO’s partners in Al Geneina and have just
    finished the distribution of 750 goats in Habila El-
    Geneina .
  • UPO met with HAC in Al Genina to discuss localization
    and implementation of future projects. We are working
    on the enhancement of the presence of the NGO forum
    in El-Geneina.
  • UPO met with the UNHCR in Al Geneina to discuss
    future potential partnerships and established a need
    for better communication channels and opportunities
    for local organizations.
  • Executive Director of UPO and Area Manager of Al
    Geneina met with UNDP El-Geneina to discuss
    localization suggestions, emergency responses, and
    increasing capacity building.
  • UPO met with IOM in Al Geneina to discuss previous
    successful projects implementation and elaborate on
    coordination of NFIs.

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