Emergency Intervention

Emergency intervention remains the largest UPO program. This sector has been very effective and efficient as it responds to emergencies and individuals in critical needs to save the lives of thousands of the people that are affected in a timely manner to improve and protect their dignity. Since the establishment of the organization in 2009 to date, UPO has reached and saved lives of more than 1.1 million with its humanitarian interventions (Shelter and Food). - 500,000 peoples IDPs, refugees, returnees and emergency affected populations supported with improved emergency shelters, NFIs kits and transitional shelters - 900,000 peoples reached with capacity building and awareness sessions on DDR related topics - 300,000 provided with foods including hot meals and saved their lives.

Humanitarian Response:

In emergencies such as displacement, fire, flood or drought, UPO provide shelter packages to save the lives of the affected populations. The shelters we provide include improved emergency shelter on emergency face, transitional and durable shelters for permanent returnees or host communities where there is no land issue. We put refugees and new IDPs at centre of our shelter program
The transitional and Soil Stabilized Block SSB shelters which friendly to the environment and give viable income opportunity for the recipient through continual production of the SSBs.
UPO has invested about US$3.5 million on shelters and NFI kits and has reached about 120, 000 individuals with lifesaving shelter kits, 11,000 with improved emergency shelter models,3,000 with transitional and SSB shelters in return areas. UPO is not only focusing on the shelter provision but also provide training to the recipient on how to reduce risks include fires, floods and drought beside that , training on SSB production and shelter construction to help the community possess new income opportunity and construction techniques with aim to reach ultimately self-help house construction and reduce aids dependency. About 190,000 IDPs, mostly women and young girls have received awareness sessions and materials and have acquainted sufficient new knowledge, skills and information on fire prevention and control.

 UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


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