The United Peace Organization (UPO) was initiative that established in 2009 with group young Sudanese people in response to Darfur crisis where the great destruction happened, social Fabric broken, basic infrastructure demolished, basic service destroyed, people lost their livelihood and all their properties and fled to camps in the vicinity of the towns.  The officially registered in 2011 with Government of Sudan to address this broken social fabric, build peace, and provide basic services and long-term development of the severely affected populations. we believe in addressing the cause of the conflict before building the peace building. In Sudan and majority of African states’ context. The cause roots of conflicts are lack of resources, competition to access to basic services, livelihood and peaceful sharing and co-management of the resources. In all settings of the conflict, displacement, refugees, host communities and residents, people want to live in place where their dignity is been protected enjoy social justice and live peacefully with others.

UPO Darfur program started in 2010 in response to the emergency needs of  war-affected communities and host populations in most of the localities in North, South, East and Central Darfur States. In response to the humanitarian needs, The Organization has received more than $US 48 million in the last eleven years and implemented over 148 projects across South Sudan, Darfur region, South Kordofan, Gadaref  and Khartoum states, UPO’s assistance reached more than 2,800,0000 vulnerable war affect persons  in Sudan and South Sudan.

UPO is currently present in all Darfur States, Khartoum, Gadaref and South Kordofan and working in over 80 localities and IDPs and refugees camps.   UPO has been closely working and involving the communities in all project stages, including planning, designing and implementation.  These activities led to a better reputation for UPO in those areas and have maintained the enabling environments and positive relationships with stakeholders, and therefore are best to focus on capturing not only our understanding of their concerns and needs, but also their background and ethnic composition. Our assumption is that by improving our relationship with the communities, we will produce better outcomes.  The organization is well-respected by the communities and authorities given some of the innovative and high impact projects that UPO has implemented in the above areas; UPO brings to the project its extensive grass-roots contacts and intimate knowledge of the area, fostering a keen awareness of local disputes’ trajectories and chances of violence erupting. UPO has continuing projects and years of experience in the proposed states with skilled staff that can rapidly meet the administrative, logistical and technical needs of the proposed project to ensure that the project has implemented the desired outputs within the timeframe.

 UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


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