UPO believes Education is the only weaponry skills that can keep and maintain peace, social cohesions, justices and peaceful co-existences. Our interventions in educations sector focusses on primary education includes construction of schools, provision of schools supplies, children learning materials , life sustaining skills and psychosocial supports for the children affected by wars/disasters, teacher training on best teaching skills, School Parent Teachers Associations trainings on schools management. UPO work also focuses on advocacy for education policy changes, budget allocations and girls’ education through community awareness. We also focus on the Acceleration of Learning Program for the out of schools children those who dropped from schools due to economic, poverty and conflict. We establish special catch-up classes to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and provide them with livelihood opportunities to support their basic needs and school fees for their children to continue learning to inspire their futures.

In the last ten years, UPO has supported more than 300,000 school ages children with its inclusive education interventions as follows

  • 70 schools constructed
  • 40 rehabilitated
  • 15 catch-ups classes constructed to support 2000 out of school children through ALP
  • 250,000 received school learning materials, psychosocial support sessions and life sustaining messages
  • 8,000 teachers and Parent Associations members trained and improved their teaching and management skills

 UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


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