Risk management policies

UPO has its own approach for risk analysis so as to identify and manage potential problems that UPO faced in its repective operational areas and within key projects. before lunching any project, UPO will carry out a Risk Analysis to identify the possible threats that the project might face include political, operational , social risks, economical and financial risks accordingly the likelihood of the threat will be determined and countermeasures will be developed and closely followed to alter frequency.

Planning, monitoring and evaluation

UPO has well-designed performance management systems typically include three major components. on the staff level, and  thorugh measurement of results of project staff, evaluating staff on the competencies that have determined by UPO and checkout that are associated with superior job performance; and creating Individual development plans (IDPs) to enhance project staff strengths and to close performance gaps as determined by the competency evaluation. on the project development and implemntation, UPO has requlaur and concrete system on project implemntation, benificicaries feedback and lessons learnt for regular improvements in project itself and overall organization approach as well as external audits /evaluation also been conducted.

Financial system and policy

UPO have effective soft accounting system that been used in the last four years in all its offices in Sudan , the main thesystem is managed by the finance head in Khartoum while each field office has sub-account in which all the financial transaction including expenditures per budget line and donors /project will be trucked and recorded, the finance officer in the field closely monitor the expenditures per budgetline on regular to avoid over-spending. the expenditures are also been tracked on daily basis both in system and excell sheet as ledger , cross-check by the Finance head is done on daily basis before COB. the general leder including clearly described purpose of the expenditures, account code, budget code and payment reference , the general ledger records are being shared by the finance team in the field on monthly basis to HQ office in Khartoum.

UPO’s audit system consists of both formal audit reviews of UPO field offices conducted by an internal auditor, as well as topic-specific compliance checks and formalized reviews performed by the external-independent audit firm on annually basis.

the organization has effective financial procurment manual and system, UPO procurement system and policies are very effective and efficient and has been applied to undertake a procurement of materials  for over US$ 48 million for responding to emergencies in Darfur in  and South Sudan the last 6 years.

 UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


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