Protection, Peace Building initiative programs

In peacebuilding, our program goes beyond provision of services, our program address the root cause of conflicts, the current problems and prevention or mitigation of future conflicts. Our Peace building initiatives includes studying and analyzing the root causes of the conflicts, drivers and triggers. Based on this study, the peace building gaps are identified;
specific program is designed to respond to each gap accordingly. We have conducted 89 inter-community dialogues for 20,000 communities that resulted in signing of several community peace agreements between tribes.

Economic empowerment supports for the most vulnerable women who suffered risks of GBV including sexual exploitation and youth who depend on violence-based source have been provided to 59 women and youth associations in Darfur. We provide basic services such as water, health dispensaries, re-demarcation of animal migration routes, pasture rehabilitation for animal and livelihood opportunities to reduce their competition of the limited resources and increase cooperation especially between the farmers and pastoralists. We established and trained more than 120 village peace committees on reconciliation, conflict prevention and dispute resolution skills, which in return has helped towards community stability and peaceful coexistence in their villages. The committees have successfully solved more 7,000 serious cases and disputes that threat their social cohesions.

Budget and number of projects

SectorNumber of projects implementedNumber of beneficiaries reachedBudget in millions USD
Education 19 300,0005.5 million
Food Security and livelihood 16240,0006.2 millions
Humanitarian sector25 1,100,0009.8 millions
Protection and peacebuilding initiative 15200,000
4.25 million
Water , Sanitation and Hygiene18280,0003.77 millions
Health1060,0003.98 million
Women and youth empowerment1920,000 3.5 millions

 UPO seeks to promote peace and development amongst the communities of Sudan.


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