Return, Recover and Reintegrate (rural South Darfur)

In cases involving population displacements and temporary housing, the aim is to find durable solutions as quickly as possible, while ensuring protection and assistance for returnees integration aiming to avoid conflicts between them and already settled communities as necessary in the meantime we aim to Re-establish self-sufficiency and essential services as quickly as possible for all population groups, with special attention to those whose needs are greatest, the most vulnerable and underprivileged. Accomplishing all of this principles all in a “sustainable” manner that contributes to long-term development goals and reduces vulnerability with supports and Fund from Sudan Humanitarian Funding SHF through RRR Sector managed by UNDP-FMU , UPO has implemented very successful projects targeting both protracted IDPs and Returnees in rural South Darfur, with aims to improve the capacity of the community to maintain critical basic infrastructures, reduce Hazard related risks and provide them with economic empowerment activities. As the result of the intervention, 200 youths were provided with Cash-for-works and become self-employed, 80 women provided with training and business start kits. The communities were able to maintained/rehabilitated critical infrastructures this include health centres schools and community centres and have developed an effective community action plans to prevent risks such as floods, fires, droughts etc. that facing the communities. The project was visited by big donor delegate and confirmed excellent outcome been produced and encourage the replication

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